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Chicken is found to be Canada’s favorite meat, making wings one of the top sought after chicken meat products and the trend in chicken sales is setting upwards. Cunningham’s Pub is on trend and ready to service the growing hunger of Canadians for the best wings. Of course, to have the best wings you need top quality, flavorful sauce.

Cunningham’s most popular menu item is in fact our chicken wings, which we serve with a variety of homemade wing sauce. Our family recipe makes our wings a notch above. After analyzing the increase in volume in wing sales, we decided to bottle our product, offering an artisanal local Quebec product to our consumers.
We have currently bottled 3 sauces:
❖ Halle-Lujah
❖ Honey Garlic
❖ Thai Chili

We launched our bottled product on our ordering platform with sales consistently increasing since our launch in May 2020. We have noticed a trend in repeat buyers by over 38% Demand has continued to grow, requiring us to outsource production to meet current demands. We anticipate the quality of the sauce will drive sales and increasing our market share reach, making us a contender for retail sales.

Thai Chili

Our Thai Chili sauce is a sweet & spicy chicken wing sauce. This sauce has a smooth glossy texture, which makes coating wings easy, toss and serve or brush before you cook and you are set. The heat from the Thai chilis combined with the right hint of sweet makes this sauce simply delicious. Unlike most traditional wing sauces our Thai Chili introduces a whole new tasty flavour to chicken wings.

Honey Garlic

Our Honey Garlic sauce is a sweet & garlicy chicken wing sauce. This sauce has a smooth texture, which makes coating wings easy, toss and serve or brush before you cook and you are set. The honey flavour compliments the garlic profile, with a slight hint of teriyaki making this sauce different than any other traditional honey garlic. This sauce it not only delicious but free of added preservatives. A Cunningham’s Pub customer classic favorite!


Our Halle-Lujah Sauce, is a Louisiana style mild chicken wing sauce. This sauce has a silky texture, which makes coating simple, a quick toss or brush and your wings are ready to go! The mild cayenne heat and tangy finish make the flavour profile unique. Our ingredients are all natural with no added preservatives. This sauce is named in honor of Halle Berry, as a tribute to her social media review stating Cunningham’s wings are “Best in the World” and this sauce was the best she ever had.

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